Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord: Random Information

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Random #1: My NEW NB Calorie Monitor

I am a fitness enthusiast and LOVE to work out! I got this new watch this week and I am in love! It monitors calories, steps, distance, etc. You can do an all day burn or just a workout burn. It is twice what my old heart rate monitor was calculating. Obviously I needed a new one! 

Random #2: Cheerleading Formations

My week has consisted of white papers with blue lines and a million various formations. I have mixed music, choreographed a routine, and created a cheer. Starting tomorrow I will begin teaching this routine to a local high school.

Random #3: 

Two of my favorite things chevron print and this saying! Hope everyone has a great Sunday! Off to church.

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  1. Love that printable and that watch. I need a new one. Thanks for linking up!