Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It

I am linking up for Tara's Monday Made it once again!

I saw this on pinterest and fell in love thanks to Plum Adorable.  The materials needed are found in the picture below.

 Begin by pouring a small amount of the floor cleaner into the vases and swish it around. Dump out the extra cleaner. Next pour in your glitter and move it back and forth until the entire vase is coated! I think I am going to buy some flowers to go in them and complete my decorations.

A DIY chevron tote bag. I did this one for my Mama's friend who had a birthday. It isn't perfect but not too bad for the first try. I didn't have freezer paper which would iron on to the bag and stay in place so I used wax paper instead. I printed off a free chevron template and traced the design on my wax paper. I used a cutter to make a stencil and then placed it on the canvas bag and painted.

I made some new glitter clothespins for my classroom. I wanted a turquoise color. Very pleased with how they turned out.

 I am ALWAYS losing things I need for assessing my students so I put the alphabet and numbers in photo albums and made a cute cover for my sanity. Now I can store all of these in one place! Hopefully that will make things easier. 

WOW!! 166 people have already linked up! I am off to check out everyone's great creations! 

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