Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Favorite Snowmen

We had a lot of fun making these cute snowmen this week!

Between ...

We found this super cute idea on pinterest and fell in love with it. You can click on the picture above to go to the original source. Since I teach Pre-K I knew that much q-tip fun would not work so we revised the artwork some. We drew two circles for the students to make the white q-tip dots inside. We gave them a hat, carrot nose, and scarf to glue on. After the white dried, we put the black arms and face on with q-tips as well. Here are a couple of closer looks. I think these are my new favorite!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


 Winter is something that we do not see a lot of in the south. We have to learn about winter through books and the internet. We did a winter web with things that we knew about winter before our unit really began. I was proud that my students knew so much already. Often times, these are epic fails!

We did a winter syllable chart for our visual learners. When we do syllables, I usually call out the words then we, slap our knees, clap our hands, stomp our feet, and count it on our fingers. Then, I choose a student to tell me how many syllables that word has. For the most part this works really well but some students a visual helps greatly. We did the usual for each word on the chart and then a child glued a snowball beside the words and we wrote the number. It was cute to see them explaining the chart to their parents in the hallway!

My student teacher found this door via pinterest from Mrs. Ussery's blog. She then used her idea to decorate our door! The kids love the penguin!!

This week we are continuing to learn about winter and animals.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snowman Fun

We had our first full week back at school. We did many different snowman crafts via pinterest. I thought I would share how they turned out! We also did the Snowman Adjectives, how many snowballs it takes to build a snowman, and snowman sequencing. 

 Graduated Order Snowman

We gave the students three sizes of cups and had them put the snowballs in order from biggest to smallest. Then we added the accessories. They turned out super cute!  Here is a close up of one of them. I love how they each have his or her own personality just like that student.

 Shaving Cream Snowman

 We have done this snowman every year that I have taught and it is always one of my favorites. As my fellow coworker says "I love it when we find something on pinterest that we already do." Below are a couple of close ups. Just like no two snowflakes are alike neither are the snowmen.

 I think this snowman melted!!

Snowman Names

 This idea came from Under The Big Top. We had each child count the letters in their name and count out that many "snowballs." They glued their snowballs down, wrote one letter of their name on each snowball, glued on the face, then drew their hat and arms. This was a great task for some of my students who don't choose to write because it was more fun! 

Snowmen At Night

We read Snowmen at Night multiple times this week! My students love that book almost as much as I do. They drew what they thought their snowman would do at night but this was not my most creative group so I chose not to share those but rather their pinterest inspired ones. The idea came from The First Grade Parade. They tore their own white strips of paper and for some that was a VERY challenging task! They glued on their noses and eyes and mouth once all of their white paper was glued down. I love the way they turned out! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

January Monday Made It

January is here! Wow it seems so weird to write 2013. Anyway I am linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It. Be sure to click the icon below and see what fabulous inspiration you can find from others.

Monday Made It #1: Penguin Number Word Matching

I wanted some recall and center activities for my readers and non readers alike. This can be done independently or during center or circle time. I currently think I am going to use it during circle time. You can purchase it by clicking the image above.

Monday Made It # 2: Alphabet Tracing

I needed something extra for my writing center and something that students could practice writing. So since we are learning about arctic animals, I figured this cute little penguin from Jeanette Baker and Jason's Online Classroom would make it appeal to their eyes more. They have some cute clip art and for cheap prices. Be sure to check them out!! You can click the image above to purchase the cards.

Monday Made It # 3: Home Made It

I was inspired by this picture on Pinterest from Keierleber Family and her fabulous Hobby Lobby finds. Although she bought this as one piece, I thought of course I can make that!
I went to Hobby Lobby bought the letters and went home to paint them. I chose to paint them with a teal color that I love. Well into my painting of letters, I realize I didn't buy any Gs. You have got to be kidding me. I searched my house like crazy. I found the receipt and yep I forgot to buy the letter g. So needless to say my project is NOT finished nor does it have the meaning I want it to have yet! AMAZING GRACE became Amazin Race...I couldn't do anything but laugh and now I have another reason to head to Hobby Lobby!! I won't complain about that.

Have a great week! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snowmen ABC Cards

I needed a recall activity for next week. Since we are talking about snowmen, I thought what better way than to create a review activity. I will cut out the snowmen and pass one out to each child. When it is a child's turn to recall their daily activities, I will first ask them to identify the letter. This could also be used for any transition time. I may put it in the book center with magnet letters and have students match the letters. If yosu would like a copy, you can purchase it here.
Clipart created by Jeanette Baker of Jason's Online Classroom.