Sunday, January 13, 2013


 Winter is something that we do not see a lot of in the south. We have to learn about winter through books and the internet. We did a winter web with things that we knew about winter before our unit really began. I was proud that my students knew so much already. Often times, these are epic fails!

We did a winter syllable chart for our visual learners. When we do syllables, I usually call out the words then we, slap our knees, clap our hands, stomp our feet, and count it on our fingers. Then, I choose a student to tell me how many syllables that word has. For the most part this works really well but some students a visual helps greatly. We did the usual for each word on the chart and then a child glued a snowball beside the words and we wrote the number. It was cute to see them explaining the chart to their parents in the hallway!

My student teacher found this door via pinterest from Mrs. Ussery's blog. She then used her idea to decorate our door! The kids love the penguin!!

This week we are continuing to learn about winter and animals.

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