Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snowman Fun

We had our first full week back at school. We did many different snowman crafts via pinterest. I thought I would share how they turned out! We also did the Snowman Adjectives, how many snowballs it takes to build a snowman, and snowman sequencing. 

 Graduated Order Snowman

We gave the students three sizes of cups and had them put the snowballs in order from biggest to smallest. Then we added the accessories. They turned out super cute!  Here is a close up of one of them. I love how they each have his or her own personality just like that student.

 Shaving Cream Snowman

 We have done this snowman every year that I have taught and it is always one of my favorites. As my fellow coworker says "I love it when we find something on pinterest that we already do." Below are a couple of close ups. Just like no two snowflakes are alike neither are the snowmen.

 I think this snowman melted!!

Snowman Names

 This idea came from Under The Big Top. We had each child count the letters in their name and count out that many "snowballs." They glued their snowballs down, wrote one letter of their name on each snowball, glued on the face, then drew their hat and arms. This was a great task for some of my students who don't choose to write because it was more fun! 

Snowmen At Night

We read Snowmen at Night multiple times this week! My students love that book almost as much as I do. They drew what they thought their snowman would do at night but this was not my most creative group so I chose not to share those but rather their pinterest inspired ones. The idea came from The First Grade Parade. They tore their own white strips of paper and for some that was a VERY challenging task! They glued on their noses and eyes and mouth once all of their white paper was glued down. I love the way they turned out! 

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