Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Made It #2

It is time for Monday Made It Again! Yay! I always look forward to Mondays in the summer.

Monday Made It #1: Candy Bar Awards

 I found the candy bar awards on pinterest; however, I could not locate any jungle themed awards. I purchased the templates from Scrapin' Doodles and began creating the awards with the sayings we chose for each child. They were a HUGE hit. I love them because what child doesn't love candy!!

 Monday Made It #2: Water Sponge Bombs

I was inspired to try this idea in the picture above for my niece and nephews to enjoy this summer. They love to get wet and what better way to enjoy the fun than with something they can throw around together. If you click on the picture above, they have a video on their website about how to make them.

 First start by cutting your sponges into thirds as shown above.

 Secondly arrange them in 3 by 3 arrangements for a total of 9 cut sponges. 

 Lastly put a ouchless hair band around them and fluff to desired look. I think the ones above look much better with more colors but I used what I had.

Monday Made It #3: Picture Frame Necklace Holder

I have seen these on pinterest and so decided to create one. I bought an 8X10 frame, a cork board, duck tape zebra sheet (perfect size for this frame), and push pins. I cut the cork board to the size of the frame and wrapped it with the duct tape. I stuck push pins in the best that I could and began hanging on necklaces. I love it and it matches my room decor perfectly! 


Monday Made It #4: Wedding Planner, Maid of Honor, Etc

Here is the one and only picture I had time to take on my own camera before the wedding ceremony on Saturday. The bride was beautiful and the wedding turned out pretty on the lake with the sunset in the background. My only complaint was the heat and gnats! But we all made it without killing each other in  the quick three weeks she decided to get married and plan her wedding! 

Can't wait to check out everyone's creations. 

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