Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Made It #1

Well I am finally back. WOW what a year it was this past year! After many cheer camps, summer has officially began and so can Monday Made Its! I look forward to these to keep me focused on my to do list. I am linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics.

I went walking last week and found this on the side of the road. Normally I don't grab things like this but I had an instant idea so I went back later in my car and got it. After a quick trip to Wal-Mart for some very cute chevron contact paper, I ended up with this and I love it! 

I also created my school calendar for next year and love it!  I got the awesome clip art off of Etsy from KHDigi it is her Candy Store Birds. You can grab this calendar freebie if you like by clicking on the pictures above.

Be sure to check out all of the other great ideas! 


  1. I love your chevron shelving unit! What a creative way to repurpose the shelves.

  2. I think your chevron shelf is awesome! How did you paper around the legs on the 2nd and bottom shelf? It looks great.
    Are We There Yet?

    1. It all unscrewed apart which was fabulous!

  3. I love your new shelving unit! Great find!

    A Very Curious Class

  4. Can you provide a link for the peek assessment?