Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Made It # 6

I am joining Monday Made It and 4th Grade Frolics' linky party. We started school today with children. I was excited and eager but also nervous. There is so much to teach Pre-K children the first day of school. I forget  how much they don't know prior to school every year. I was praying for an easy transition and as few criers as possible because that just breaks my heart. Well it was a GREAT first day!

Monday Made It # 1: Library Books Pocket Chart

 I bought the cute zebra pockets from a school supply store and the zebra stickers from Hobby Lobby. I used a label to write my students names and symbols on and placed them on each pocket. We use symbols instead of numbers to help students with phonemic awareness by matching the beginning sound in his or her name to the symbol.  I am not an artist but draw them the best I can! My director finds joy in joking my drawings yearly! :) Students choose a book from the shelf and place the card in their pocket.

 Monday Made It # 2: Donation Station

My paraprofessional actually made this one. We place sticky notes on the poster with dates and materials needed. Parents pull a sticky note from the poster and bring the items requested!

Monday Made It #3: Classroom Pictures

If you click on the words above, it will take you to my link I posted yesterday with pictures of my classroom.

 I can't wait to see what everyone else has made! I have my Diet Moutain Dew in hand and I am ready to relax and be inspired!


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  1. I love your library cards--and how the symbols help the students with phonics! I am having a giveaway--come and enter if you haven't already. You might win a laminator!