Friday, August 9, 2013

Five For Friday


I am linking up to share five things about my week. 


1. We read this wonderful book on our first day back and made a class book. It was a HUGE hit. My kiddos LOVED it!!

2.I survived my first week back at school! We had three days with students and they went very well.


3. I love this cute saying. Teaching is a work of heart! It is definitely true. Someone posted it on Facebook and I decided I need to make a print out of that for my classroom to frame.

35 different push-ups to work your entire body. Tone, strengthen and burn calories. Best body weight move for beginners and advanced.
4. I would not have survived without my exercise routine this week. It allowed me to relieve some stress and refocus each day. Taylor Ryan at Lifting Revolution shared these wonderful push up variations and challenged her readers to choose ten different ones and complete ten reps. I am glad to say I completed that goal!!

5. I finished my classroom. The reveal will come next week but I wanted to share one of my boards that turned out really cute! I used Chevron new favorite. The glitter clothespins have magnets attached and will hold student art work.

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. I cannot wait to see what your classroom looks like! I am your newest follower and found you through Lola at Preschool Wonders!

    Tacky the Teacher