Saturday, December 15, 2012

Monday Made It December Edition

I am extremely behind in posting for this month and I missed last month altogether. This post will contain many pictures and I apologize but for the visual learners like me it helps! I am joining Tara at 4th grade frolics for her wonderful and inspiring linky. Be sure to check out what everyone else has posted.

Made It # 1: Candy Cane Wreath
 This wreath was pinterest inspired by Beverlys and you can find directions on how to make your own by clicking this link.

Monday Made It #2: Classroom Door

This door was also pinterest inspired and came from this link. I am not sure whom the credit belongs too but this is our version of it.

 Monday Made It #3: Reindeer Light Hallway Display

We always have trace the children's hands and one foot. They cut them out and we put them together with red lights for our Rudolph display. We usually do two straight lines down the hallway but this year my Parapro made this display. 

 Monday Made It # 4: Jesus is the Riesen for the season gift
 This idea came from Pioneer Party that sells creative Christmas ideas for your friends and neighbors. If you click on the name of the company it will take you to the link where you can order it. Since I was in a crunch for time, I made my own version. I was so excited to find that small bags of these are sold at the Dollar Tree!! I am giving this gift to my co-workers on our last day. 

Monday Made It #5: Chex Mix
 I saw this idea on pinterest and it also came from Pioneer Party's website. They just sell the tag for it so I made my own and I was pleased with it. My co-workers got this on Friday and thought it was the cutest gift!

Monday Made It # 6: Hot Chocolate
 I went to Dollar Tree and bought the hot chocolate, peppermint sticks, and mugs. I put everything inside of the mug and found this cute printable via pinterest from Kara at Mine for the Making. Click here and you can go to her blog and find the printable.

Hopefully you found something to inspire your creativity! My heart goes out to the families in Sandy Hook and they are certainly in my prayers! I am so proud of the teachers and their heroic acts.

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