Friday, March 1, 2013

Five For Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday linky and so here are my 5 things about this week at school.

1. We read Wocket in my pocket and drew our own "wockets" and named them. It was so cute to see their creations. Some of my students could not handle a nonsense rhyming word. 

2. We read The Cat In The Hat and made this super cute Cat in the Hat! I think these are one of my favorite things hanging in our hallway right now.

3. We wore silly socks to school and made a graph about our socks. We counted each group and talked about the most, least, and which groups tied.

4.  We celebrated Dr. Seuss today and the end of our week with blue Hawaiin Punch, Hop on Pop corn, goldfish for red fish blue fish, and our green egg cookies. It was all a BIG hit. I am so thankful for the parapro next door who made the cute cookies. The green is a frosted vanilla wafer.

5. We have seen more rain than sunshine lately. We had to stay inside for many days and because we are located on a college campus we do not have our own gym. It was a very important day on campus so our usual inside obstacle course was not the best option. So I pulled out my cell phone and my fabulous Tabata timer. I set it to the times below and we worked out. My kids loved watching the phone turn green when we would exercise and red when we rested. It is a HUGE hit and they ask for it daily now. "Can we make our hearts go fast again?"

 Enjoy your weekend! I am looking forward to mine!


  1. Your Cats in Hats are super cute!! The snack mix is such a great idea I will have to remember! Have a great weekend!

    Ms. Shope's Class

  2. I love all of your Dr. Seuss activities! It looks like a fun week!
    Fun in ECSE

  3. Over here in Australia we don't really do a Dr Suess theme but I am about to start teaching rhyming words to my Kindy class and I am definitely going to do that Wocket in my Pocket activity with my kids - love it!

  4. Your silly socks graph is a fun idea... our Wacky Wednesday (wearing crazy socks) was cancelled since we had a snow day. Have to save it for next year!
    Karen :o)